12 - 14 December 2018
9AM - 5PM  
Pepperdine University 18111 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612

Extend your skills to the next level by taking a deeper dive into the process of emotional connection and improving proficiency with techniques and skills creating bonding moments. Eight additional hours of the curriculum of unifying people’s relationships and advancing skills in action. Attendees earn 17.5 HR recertification credits.

With your certification, you will receive 6 additional hours of advanced curriculum and learn about delivering the program in 1-day, half-day, and 2-hour formats, and identify the option that will best fit your needs and organization. The aim is to cultivate a climate of inclusion, an environment where everyone can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other.  

In all facets of this experience, the goal is to embody what we hope to see – a supportive way of working together in which people are free to be themselves fully and embrace the universal human attachment need of connection.


Dr. Lola Gershfeld lola@levelfiveexecutive.com

Founder & CEO

Level Five Executive

Fullerton, CA

Victoria Brodie, MA

Leadership Communication Strategist Brodie Consulting

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Jun’18

Riverside, CA

Jonathan Silk Jonathan.Silk@bridge3.com

Team Dynamics & Leadership Training

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Feb’18

Fort Worth, Texas

Alicia Maciel alicia@beingwell.life

Founder and CEO BeingWell.life

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Jun’18

Brea, CA

Richard D. Thome richthome@gmail.com

Partner, Leadership Associates

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Sep '18

San Clemente, CA

Dr. Kerri Heith

Doctorate Candidate - Pepperdine University

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Feb’18

Los Angeles, CA

Mastering Emotional Connection and Train-the-Trainer Level 1 Certification