News - 05/07/2019

The Zandbergen Report Podcast with Dr. Lola Gershfeld

In this podcast of the Zandbergen Report, Dr. Lola Gershfeld shares how to be more effective and influential while achieving new levels of success by mastering emotional connection.

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5 reasons to get an EmC certification

“Change occurs with a new emotional experience.” – Franz Alexander One of the things I watch happen when I work with a board or team is the change that occurs with each new emotional experience. If you are looking to create a positive change on your team or board, now is the time to make […]

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News - 02/05/2019

Dr. Lola Gershfeld to bring the EmC process to Washington, D.C.

(Irvine, CA — February 6, 2019) Today Dr. Lola Gershfeld, Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, and CEO of Level Five Executive announced she will be bringing the EmC process to Washington, D.C. in an effort to give attendees of the ATD Conference a convenient way to obtain EmC certification while in the area. Mastering Emotional […]

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EmCers - 01/25/2019

The EmC process and

A Q&A session with Alicia Maciel, Leadership & Care Provider Engagement Ally, and Certified EmC Trainer to find out how the EmC process plays a role in her work.  

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Gratitude Fuels Better Board Dynamics

The holidays remind us to give thanks to our loved ones. At our Thanksgiving, my sister asked everyone what they were thankful for and when the turn came for my ten-year-old grandson, Avi, here is what he said: “I am thankful to my aunt Tonia for making a beautiful holiday Thanksgiving and for gathering the […]

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Leaders’ New Goal: Emotional Connection

Helping high-potential leaders is one of the key areas that companies focus training on, and yet, when their leaders actually get that role, they often feel like they are unprepared for it. What is the missing link? And how can leaders be more prepared? The answer is emotional connection. When teams don’t perform well, it […]

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Accountability Starts With Emotional Connection in Forbes

Accountability is one of the most important things leaders must deal with in business, and often, it’s the one they struggle with most. See if you recognize some of these suggestions you have heard from others on how to deal with holding people accountable: “Be clear on action items, crystal clear.” It never worked for […]

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Articles, Leadership - 04/07/2018

7 Steps to Foster Transparency for HR Leaders

In the last decade, I’ve worked with various leaders, teams and boards improving their effectiveness. From executives to managers, CEOs and board members, nothing can create better transparency than through the process of emotional connection. I can see when a team is struggling and when it’s operating smoothly. The main difference between the two is […]

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How To Transition From Management To Board Oversight in Forbes

A strong, unified board is made up of emotionally connected experts. Each of these experts has probably spent time in their field as a leader. The question that we get asked often is, how do we get independent-minded directors to pull the wagon in the same direction? In my conversation with Kim Chatani, an independent […]

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